I’ve been a member of Les Dames D’Escoffier Chicago since 2013, and I help a lot with branding and marketing materials for the organization. We sponsor a giant foodie fundraiser bi-annually, and the 2014 event was all about the ethos, food and subculture around the Wisconsin supperclub. Rather than just call it ‘Les Dames Supperclub’, I came up with the name Swankalicious! to give the event a tone and personality, and to bring food to the spotlight. It also helped with our hashtag strategy and our social activation. The look and feel took on a merging of textures and icons of the 40’s and 50’s supperclub mingled with food and the great Northwoods. Ironically the year prior for our family vacation, my angler husband took our family to Hayward, WI. The Northwoods and supperclubs were fresh in my mind. I had a lot of personal photography I donated to the marketing materials, used mostly in the event book. The event was a big hit, and we surpassed our financial goals.

Here are some spreads of the 34 page event booklet:


spread 3