chicago chapter LOGO-horiz 2

I have been a member of a women-led, esteemed culinary organization in Chicago since 2013. It is women led for the advancement of women in the culinary arts and hospitality industry. My deep marketing experience in the food industry coupled with my food blog earned me a nomination to join this amazing group of women. Every time I am around them I have to pinch myself that I am even there, working with them on our initiatives and projects.

This group surprised me last year by nominating me to the board of directors (I am a more “behind the scenes” kind of gal). But after a persistent urging from a few colleagues and fellow members, I took it on. My big project (besides helping our communications chair with design and art direction) during my boardship was to get us on Google NonProfits, and use their free business tools to help organize the association and boost our awareness. The project has taken a lot longer that expected. Google GSuite is not as intuitive as personal tools, but we are making strides. With my fellow board members we have done a lot this year to get us into new technologies to manage our processes and events better. We have updated our site as well, and using all of our communication tools in concert better. It’s pretty exciting. We are setting the foundation for a very successful fundraiser come 2018.