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I have found it very enjoyable to get in the conversation and hear what others have to say. The marketing landscape has changed drastically over the years, and continues to do so. It forces all of us in it to learn and grow. It makes for a very exciting work day, no doubt.

 Here is a back log of all my authored articles with the first paragraph of each. Click on the link to read the rest.

Keeping Up with the Connected:
3 Steps for Marketing to the Millennial Generation

originally published December 26, 2012 by DMNEWS

We all make stuff.
Creativity is often considered a magical talent, possessed only by those “creative types.” But we all have a right side of the brain, the side that processes emotion, music, color, intuition and creativity—marketers, too. Everyone can be innovative, solve problems, and be inspired. Tapping into your right brain is the key. But between technology overload, compressed timelines, meetings, emails, colorless excel spreadsheets, and cubed-out, grey work spaces, it’s becoming more and more difficult to think creatively….


A Letter To Hostess Brands From A Marketer

originally published on October 18th, 2012 by

Pinterest continues to be the darling of the social media world, with more than 23 million unique visitors in July. Early skeptics rolled their eyes and cynics asked, “Is this another social media channel we need to learn to navigate and spend money on?” Questions were raised about the true impact of Pinterest on Web traffic and behavior. Well, naysayers, roll those eyeballs back to the front of your head. Reports continue to show that Pinterest affects both traffic and behavior — exponentially upward — proving that Pinterest is a channel that should not be ignored, especially if you are in the business of food….




How social media and samples can turn your restaurant into a cult favorite

published by Flora Caputo on August 20th, 2012 by DMNEWS

Social media is a young media. It’s an ever-growing piece of marketing budgets everywhere. It’s also a medium that takes a lot of resources to support. Many marketers first engage in social thinking it’s inexpensive—only to discover that the cost of entry doesn’t take into account the constant monitoring and engagement needed to truly do social right….





Mom bloggers: It takes a social media village

author July 05, 2013 at

“How do we keep our content engine fueled?” This is a question I hear from every organization. Once the content beast is awakened by your PR, lead gen, and social media activities, it’s an insatiable beast. The daunting task of feeding it relevant content seems never ending, especially if your company is like most places where content creation sits on the shoulders of just a few people.





Contributor to July 2012 issue of DMNEWS, “The Work” & Verdicts as well as Q&A

originally published on July 02, 2012 by DMNEWS

Junk mail is just a great offer sent to the wrong person at the wrong time.

Many elements make up an effective direct mail campaign. A warm list, succinct messaging, a compelling incentive and diligent follow-up can all play very vital roles. However, an often overlooked facet of a successful direct mail campaign is the actual shape and structure of the mailer. Sometimes, adding a die-cut or an extra fold can help your piece break through clutter and past gatekeepers. If your budget can support a dimensional format, your response rates can soar upwards….


The Dos and Don’ts of Facebook Marketing

originally published on March 06, 2012 by DMNEWS

“Without wonder and insight, acting is just a trade. With it, it becomes creation.”—Bette Davis

The creative process is a wonderful journey where ideas are born and blossom into tangible, breakthrough solutions for clients. But it is a well-known fact (particularly among account executives!) that creativity can take on a life of its own. Like an untamed beast, it can run amuck if not guided in a direction. I am reminded of Julia Cameron’s book, “Riding the Dragon,” where she offers tips and approaches for how to unleash and guide one’s own creativity….



Incentives can fuel the idea

contributing content, author By Anna Papachristos on Feb. 18, 2013 by


Though their social sphere may be broad, Millennials seek an individualized customer experience that solves their problems and puts their personalities on display….




Creativity: It’s Not Just for Creatives

originally published on Nov. 20th, 2012 by

Dear Hostess Brands,

It’s a sad day when a culturally iconic brand such as yours announces that it is bankrupt. A member of my creative staff, who eats Twinkies for breakfast a few times a week (seriously), might have been playing “Taps” softly at his desk this morning. For me, Ding Dongs and Ho Hos were a special treat in my home when I was growing up. We didn’t get them often, but when we did it was a reason to celebrate. Through the years, the Hostess brand has symbolized nostalgic sentiments of childhood and American tradition for many, including me….



Pinterest users are still hungry for food-related content

originally published by Flora Caputo on September 28th, 2012 by

It still amazes me how some eateries achieve a cult-like status with very little marketing. Places such as Chicago’s Doughnut Vault or San Francisco’s Tartine Bakery are able to draw lines of people who are willing to wait for hours. Many spots like these often end up on popular food shows such as “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” or “No Reservations.” But how do some small, no-name places quickly rise to the top, while other places with bigger names, bigger marketing budgets and bigger menus flounder? What do the little guys know that others don’t?..




Why social media needs a senior brain

Don’t confuse being comfortable with technology for marketing savvy

originally published on August 13, 2012 by DMNEWS

In just a few short years, women in social media—and mom bloggers in particular—have emerged as major influencers for their audiences. Though marketers have started to leverage the clout of mom bloggers, these women have the untapped potential to act as substantial brand advocates for their communities. Years ago, Hillary Clinton wrote a book…..



3 Ways to Get Your Organization to Own Content Development


Authored/Edited by Allison Schiff DMNEWS




Dimensional direct mail can impact performance

originally published on April 23, 2012 by

Business Review USAFlora Caputo, VP and Executive Creative Director of Jacobs Agency gives tips you can use to engage the world’s largest social network Facebook is a marketing Goliath. With nearly a billion active users, it controls almost 30 percent of the display advertising business, more than three times the share of Yahoo.







Don’t overlook insights for creative inspiration

originally published on January 10, 2012 by DMNEWS

Through the years, I have worked on many lead generation programs at Jacobs Agency, but I did not grow up in a direct agency, nor does Jacobs Agency purport to “be” a specialized direct agency. However, I think this has worked to our advantage, particularly when we look at solving lead generation and prospect nurturing challenges for our clients. We approach each lead generation effort asking, “How do we connect with the target emotionally, relevantly and with impact? How can we push mailing formats within the client’s budget …